RRQG Officers

Elected Officers 2023-2024

President:Ginger Metcalf
Vice President:Bobbie Foote
Secretary:Cathy Meyenberg
Treasurer:Teri Coleman

Standing Committees

Membership:Sheri McGee and Robin Parrish
Programs:Donna Piper, Terin Cunningham
Workshop:Betsy O'Connor, Phyllis Richard

Other Committees

Newsletter:John & Marilyn Lautner
Comfort Quilts:Megan Alvarez
Hospitality:Dianne Bernhardt
Quilt Show:Terina Nowlin
Webmaster:Lisa Alexander
Directory:Ashley Lupton
Quilts of Valor:Gloria Spain, Beth Steward
Sunshine and Shadows:Cathy Meyenberg
Welcome AM New Members:Pat Finnell, Shirley Holub
Welcome PM Members:Sherri McGee
Retreat:Terina Nowlin
Mini-Workshops:Amanda Gartman, Jennifer Sawyer
Raffle Quilt Coordinator:Julia Erikson
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